Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Learning more each day!

Today I spent a half-day at Rider. Although it was a short amount of time, I was able to accomplish quite a bit! I am really enjoying my time here with Mrs. M because she treats me as if I were on staff with her.

Mrs. M is also the Student Council and National Honor Society advisor at Rider. Today, her student council members were having a lunch meeting, and to kick off the new semester, Mrs. M ordered pizza for them. Since she had to go pick up the pizza, she left me to do a presentation for one of the English classes. (I guess I must be doing something right if she felt comfortable doing that!)

The presentation skills I have learned so far have really helped me with presentations at my school. Yesterday, I did a presentation on databases to the 5th graders at my school and I formatted the presentation similarly to how Mrs. M does at Rider. The presentation went remarkably well and the kids did great! I am looking forward to learning more at Rider this semester that will help me on my own campus.

I also worked on redoing the call numbers labels in the 500 section and I got through 529! Progress is being made!

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