Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Final Days

This week is my last week at Rider High School. I will have completed 120+ hours on Friday. This week, I have been focusing on finishing up my re-labeling project in the 500s section. As of today, I am FINISHED!

I have also learned about shelf-blocking this week. After I completed the new call number labels for the 500s, I went back and blocked each shelf - and they look good if I do say so myself! :-) Shelf-blocking is not something I remember talking about in my ILS classes, but Mrs. M said that most librarians find it very important. In order to "block" a shelf, each book is pulled forward to the edge of the shelf. There are also rules for books that do not fit properly on the shelf. After learning about shelf-blocking, I went back to my school library and realized it would be very difficult to keep my shelves blocked. Most of my patrons are elementary students, and I feel we are successful if they can use their shelf-markers and make sure the books get put back on the right shelf! However, after seeing Mrs. M's nice blocked shelves, I will definitely continue to notice how messy mine look compared to hers.

My experience at Rider has been a great one. I have learned a lot and I am going to miss spending time with Mrs. M! I will continue to email her and keep in touch though - she only thinks she is getting rid of me. ;-)

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