Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Social Media...YIKES

So, last week I was to work on creating library accounts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is part of my internship project, "Promoting Our Library Programming in the Digital Age". However, I ran into a few snags that have set me back. Mrs. M and I both realized that we needed to set up the accounts without personalizing them to fit either one of us. What I mean, is that we do not want the Rider Library accounts to have our personal information, because if a new librarian ever took over, we would want her to be able to use the same social media accounts. This has required us to do some thinking and planning! We have now set up a NEW email address that is very generic, and have tied the accounts to it. This week, I will continue to work on learning how to utilize these social media tools to advertise items in the library.

Mrs. M and I spoke with several high school students who are faithful library users. They seemed very excited about the possibility of receiving "tweets" when new books arrive. They also like the idea of creating a social media community where rider library users can discuss what they are reading.

This week, I have also worked on cataloging new fiction materials for the library. I will post photos of these new titles on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter as soon as I learn how to! :-)

Troubleshooting with social media is helping me learn how I could use it in my school library as advertisement as well. I hope to set up a Christ Academy social media accounts for the next school year!

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