Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Project: Social Media

This week, Mrs. M assigned me to work on the social media aspect of the Rider Library. She gave me the task of creating Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts so that she can use them interchangeably at school. This task is a part of my internship project, "Promoting Our Library Programming in the Digital Age". I, myself, do not have any experience with Twitter or Instagram, so I am interested to see how all three can be used together to promote the library.

I will have to work on this project at home, because the school has all social media sites blocked so that students do not access them on school computers throughout the school day. Although it is blocked on the school computers, students can still access social media sites via their cell phone if they have a data plan, so using these sites for advertisement is still effective for many students. Those without data plans can access the library's social media sites at home.

I will post more about the process I went through to create these accounts once they are complete!

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