Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I must be doing something right!

This morning when I arrived at Rider, Mrs. K, the woman who usually opens the library, was not there, so the library was locked. Mrs. M gets there a little later, so I just decided to wait in the hallway until she arrived. The school testing coordinator arrived soon after me and asked me to open the library and supervise until Mrs. M arrived. I guess I must me doing something right to receive that kind of responsibility! I turned on computers, checked-in books, etc to help get the day started.

Today I taught two classes how to do database research as well as how to use "NoodleTools" to format their citations and works cited page. I am feeling more and more comfortable speaking in front of secondary students. Teaching these mini lessons is really helping me because I am learning new ways to present information to students. It has been great to get to watch Mrs. M present, and then try it myself. 

I have now completed changing the call number labels through 569! Progress!

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