Friday, January 17, 2014

Streaming Book Trailers in the Library

Today at Rider I learned how to stream a group of book trailers over the TV in the library. Mrs. M had a file of book trailers, but had not figured out how to display them yet. She wanted to have them playing before school and during lunch in the library to advertise the new fiction titles available to check-out.

After some trouble-shooting, I was able to get them up and running! Here are some simple steps you can follow if you would like to do the same in your library:
  1. First, download from the internet or create your own book trailers using animoto.
  2. Save your video files to "My Videos" on your computer.
  3. Open Windows Media Player and create a new playlist.
  4. On the Windows Media Player screen, click on "Videos"and then drag each video you want to use to your newly-created playlist.
  5. Once you have finished addding videos, double-click on your playlist and it will automatically begin playing.
  6. You will want to turn on "Shuffle" so the playlist will continue to play instead of stopping after each video finishes.
Only seconds after I had started streaming the book trailers, students were already watching them! I cannot wait to try this in my own library. What a great way to advertise!

During the next few weeks, I will be searching for and creating book trailers for Mrs. M to add to her playlist.

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